ALD Affiliated Study Club Poland is planning to spread the knowledge about lasers among dentist, hygienists and students by organising educational programs, supporting research in the field of lasers and cooperation in this area with other institutions and organisation. 

As dentists in Poland are looking for unbiased and independent information and workshops, the idea of introducing ALD in Poland offered by Prof. Olivi and Dr Walid Altayeb, was the best option. Once this decision has been made and contract was signed during the Annual Conference in Dallas, we then plan to provide different levels of education and certification in each specific wavelength, as a means of basic as well as advanced training in the use of each laser device. 

As a new ALD member in Poland, we are going to expand the use of lasers in our country. We want to develop the knowledge and practical skills to aid the dentist in the growth of laser use and advanced dental care for their patients.

The continuing education and remaining updated on the latest information and technology is essential, and the first ALD Poland Study Club activity is planned for 2019 in August with Dr Arun Darbar and in October with Dr Walid Altayeb to announce the presence of ALD in Poland. Also, a website ( www.aldpoland.com ) and FB profile (ALD Poland ) was created to allow quick access to the latest information about conferences and hands-on.